4-Core Cable

Indegenious 80Meter 4-Core Cable
Price : Rs. 1024.00
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4-Core cable are used for Alarm System. One Core is used transmit signal and remain One Core carry the power. The cable consist of solid aneelled bare Alloy copper conductor of electrolytic grade.
Usuage Area:
4-Core Cable is used for the connection of Sensor to Panel. All brand Wired Alarm System can support. Individual cabling is required from each Sensor. If Installation selected we use Black conduit for external cabling and white casing inside( Indigenous Brand). White conduit required means charged extra 15/- per meter should pay to electrician by cash. External Cabling Only, No Concealed cabling.
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In the Box:
4-Core Cable - 1No
80 Meters
Approx. 5mm
15-20 Gauge / 14/38 Multistand
Black Or White
Delivery Period:
Within 48Hrs
Installation of Cabling:
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Warranty Period:
Six Months ( Physical Damage will Not Cover)