Wired Heavy Duty Shutter Contact

Non UL Listed: Heavy Duty Shutter Contact
Price : Rs. 768.00
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Dimensions: Magnet: 90mm x 41mm x 21mm (max), Switch: 87mm x 38mm x 12mm (max), OPERATING GAP: 50MM MIN, CONTACT RATING: 2WIRE 10W, 12/24VDC, 0.5A,CONTACT O/P: NORMALLY CLOSED
Usuage Area:
Wired Heavy Duty Shutter Contact (SC05). Is installed in rolling shutter to avoid the intrusion in commercial segments like Jewellery, Mobile Shops etc? Works on magnetic field.
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In the Box:
SC05 - 1No
In-put Voltage:
12VDC from the Main Control Panel
Detects ON:
Magnetic Field
Delivery Period:
Installation Period:
3 Days* Depends On Site Condition
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Warranty Period:
One Year