Wireless Motion Sensor (PIR)

DSC Brand UL Listed: Wireless Passive Infrared Detector (PIR)
Price : Rs. 2222.00
Rs. 2222.000%
Dimensions: 108mm x 63.5mm x 54mm, Battery: CR123A (3V Lithium), Battery Life: 2-3Years, Coverage: 40 ft x 40 ft, Operating Temparature: -10 Degree To 55 Degree C.
Usuage Area:
Wireless Motion Sensor ( WS4904P) is used for DSC Wireless & Hybrid Kit. Can detect the intrusion from Window, Breaking the Wall, Man Hole. Motion sensor will be keep spreading Infrared rays at 70 Degree angel upto 35feet. Placed in Common areas like Hall, Strong rooms.
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In the Box:
WS4904P - 1No.
Battery Life:
2-3 Years
Detector Range:
20 Meters from Control Panel*
Delivery Period:
Installation Period:
3 Days* Depends On Site Condition
Detector Placement Hieght:
7 Ft Above Ground Level
Warranty Period:
One Year