Wireless Remote Fob

DSC Brand UL Listed: Wireless 4-Key Remote Fob
Price : Rs. 1580.00
Rs. 1580.000%
Dimensions: 57mm x 32mm x 13mm, Weight : 15g, Operating Environment : 0 - 49 Degree C.
Usuage Area:
Wireless Remote fob (WS4939) is used for DSC wireless & Hybrid kit. Remote fob is used to arm & disarm the control panel. Bypass some of the sensors. There is panic button in remote fob which can be used in emergency like Health issue, try to attack you.
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In the Box:
WS4939 - 1No.
Battery Life:
2-3 Years
Detector Range:
20 Meters from Control Panel*
Delivery Period:
Installation Period:
3 Days* Depends On Site Condition
Battery :
Warranty Period:
One Year