Wired Shock Or Vibration Sensor

DSC Brand UL Listed: Wired Shock Or Seismic Vibration Sensor
Price : Rs. 2416.00
Rs. 2416.000%
Dimensions: 25mm x 23mm x 85mm, Dual Stage Potentiometer, Two Color LED. Detection Range: Brick Wall: 2.5M, Steel: 3M, Wood: 3.5M, Concrete: 1.5M, Plywood: 4M, Glass: 3.5M.
Usuage Area:
Wired Shock Or Vibration Sensor (SS102) is used for (PC1404, PC1616, PC1832 & Hybrid) Kit. Recommended in Jewellery Shop & Bank strong room back side wall. It can detect the drilling & wall breaking & alert the CMS.
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In the Box:
SS102 - 1No
In-put Voltage:
16mA from the Main Control Panel
25mm x 23mm x 85mm
Delivery Period:
Installation Period:
3 Days* Depends On Site Condition
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Warranty Period:
One Year