Yale Digital Lock YDR323

Yale PIN Code, RF Card Key & Remote Control (Optional for the user)
Price : Rs. 20010.00
Rs. 20010.000%
Various Access (PIN Code or RF Card Key), Magic Mirror, Safe Thumb-Turn, High Temperature Alarm, Fake PIN Code, Advanced Mode, Visitor Code (Unique one-time visitor code which lapses after single operation), (Front Body Dimension: 36(D) x 72(W) x 185(H) mm, Back Body Dimension: 13(D) x 66(W) x 179(H) mm)
Usuage Area:
Mirror Finish excellent look i black and silver. Smarter Solution for your home. High-tech Proximity Card Digital Door Lock with strong security features.
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In the Box:
YDR323 - 1No, RF Cards - 4Nos, User Guide.
Black/Silver Mirror Finish
Lock Type:
Vertical RIM Lock
Pin Code: 4-12 digits, RF Cards
Door Thickness:
45-55mm Wooden Doors
Delivery Period:
Within Three Days
Within 3Days*
Warranty Period:
One Year