8 Amphs CCTV Power Supply

8 Amphs 12V DC Adapter
Price : Rs. 1200.00
Rs. 1200.000%
Highly Integrated SMPS Switcher I.C Design, Over Current, Voltage Load Protection, High-efficiency low energy Consumption, Low Ripple Voltage (mV P-P): <5%, Compact size, light weight Shock Proof, Small size Plug In Type.
Usuage Area:
8 Amphs Adapter will support Eight camera's. For More camera you can choose 5Amphs Adapter upto 4 camera's, 2 Amphs upto 1 camera & 16 Amphs adapter upto 16 camera's from the App.
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In the Box:
8 Amphs Adapter - 1No.
Input Voltage:
150V to 285VAC, 50/60Hz
Output Voltage:
Output Current / Wattage:
8 Amp (Max.) / 12 Watt (Max.)
Metallic Or Plastic Body
Delivery Period:
Within 3Days*
Within 3Days*
Warranty Period:
Six Months ( Physical Damage will Not Cover)