Wireless Kit for Jewelley Shop

DSC Brand With Monitoring Service
Price : Rs. 19499.00
Rs. 19499.000%
UL Listed Control Panel which Supports Upto 32 Zone, Wireless Passive Infrared Detector (PIR), Wireless Door Contact, Wired Shutter Contact, External Hooter Sounds Upto 110db (200Mtrs).
Usuage Area:
The Kit is Used in Small Jewellery Shops with monitoring service. Shutter Contact is used for Main Shutter, if you have more shutters You Can buy Hybrid Shutter contact in app. One Motion Sensor is placed in working Hall & one more in strong room. Remote can be used to activate and de-activate the panel and panic button can be used in emergency.
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In the Box:
PC9045 Control Panel - 1No, WS4904P - 2Nos, WS4939 - 1No, SD15W - 1No, SC05 -1No, WS4945 - 1No.
Color :
Battery Back-up:
Input Voltage, Output Voltage:
230Volts, 12.0V To 12.5VDC
Delivery Period:
Installation Period:
With-in 3Days*( Choose British 4-Core Cable)
Free Monitoring Service ( CMS ):
Six Months
Warranty Period:
One Year